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7 Best Water Purifier Under 5000 in India 2018

Looking for best water purifier under 5000?

I got it covered in this post.

There are some limitations when you are choosing a water filter under 5000 rupees. Some of them are you can't get an RO water purifier, UV or UF filtration system is not available.

In this price range, you can expect gravity-based water filters which require no electricity or a huge budget. This type of water filter out physical impurities includes mud, dust particles, etc.

TDS controllers or bacteria removal does not include which makes it unsafe for small children and pregnant women. For them, I highly recommend buying water purifier under 20000 to 15000 rupees.

In the last section, I have included a faq section about gravity based purifying system which you must check out.

Best Water Purifier Under 5000 In India

Here is the list of best water purifier under 5000 (2018):

  • Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier
  • HUL PureIt Gravity Based Water Purifier.
  • Kent smart 7 Liter  UF Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent is a well-known water purifier brand in India. This water purifier comes with 3-stage purification process that includes sediment, activated carbon filter and 11W UV bulb which removes germs from the water.

At first, after water undergoes through an inlet to sediment filter area where sediment filter removes all the dust and mud particles from the water. In the next stage activated carbon filter removes chlorine and other chemicals which enhance the taste and odor of the water. In the last step, Ultraviolet rays kill all the organic impurities like bacteria and viruses presented in the water.

This is why this model requires electricity to operate and also notify when UV lamp stopped working.

The only thing I didn't like about this water purifier is it does not comes with water storage tank.

If your area's water Tds level is less than 200 ppm then this water purifier maybe best for you. 

HUL Gravity Based water Purifier

Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the renowned brands in India. Their Pureit water purifier is one of the best selling purifier series in India. It doesn't matter when it comes to choosing the best water purifier your number one preference should be an RO water purifier.

But this gravity-based filter comes with 6-8liter storage through their product description states around 23 liters. When the TDS level is low less than 100ppm in your area then you should only buy this water purifier.

This model comes with two-stage water purification process that includes sediment and activated carbon filter and the germ-kill indicator that alerts you if there is a need to change the filter.

Kent Smart 7-liter Water Purifier

Kent required no further introduction and this model from Kent is works without any electricity which makes it popular for villager where electricity matters.

This water purifier utilizes UF technology which is very similar to Ro technology but the membranes of the UF filter are not sufficient.

The water storage material (cover) is food grade and is made of ABS material. The UF membrane is a very fie 0.1micron sized that not kills germs but also removes their dead bodies from the water.

However, the UF technology is not specialized at removing the dissolved salts from water.  But it is best for you if your area TDS level is less than 100ppm.
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